The best books about growing thin

The best books about growing thinI will begin with that the best, in my opinion, western books about growing thin and a healthy food at us in the country are not published. Gillian Riley (Jillian Riley) developed a simple and effective method of disposal of food dependence in the book «Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating». Shortly the essence of its program is described here. Michael Pollan (Michael Pollan) found out, how far we left from a natural healthy food, in the book “The Omnivores Dilemma” and suggested to return to it to «In Defence of Food».

Rub presented below the book which were pleasant to me, it is far not best-sellers. But they inspire to grow thin, so spent money it is not a pity.

S. V. Dremov, A.V.Kondrashov, “Diet” Doctor Bormental”»

At this thin book a proud subtitle – «The best modern technique of growing thin in Russia». To authors and the truth to eat than be proud: by this technique of one hundred very stout persons dump on 50 kg and more.

Huge plus of the book – all steps are painted very in detail, and to spend money and time for course passing in the clinic with the same name it is not necessary.

The purpose – psychologically to be reprogrammed: how many excess weight at you was, it is necessary to consider itself as the harmonous person. Start to think and act, as if you know how to enjoy food, without doing of it a cult, and you will grow thin quickly and without tortures.

To pass from a “thick” way of life to “internal” symmetry simple psychological receptions and exercises help. However, it is necessary to include actively imagination and to express thoughts on paper. The book is calculated rather on those who likes to dig and display deeply everything on shelves. It is a lot of short examples illustrations from real stories of growing thin.

Minuses two. The first – dry writing language. The second – is calculated a technique first of all on women of middle and advanced age.

Evgenia Kobylyatskaya «How to endure abundance. All truth about growing thin»

The author – the Russian-speaking American dietitian. After six years of study of Evgeny Kobylyatskaya received the diploma of the dietician to the USA and already many years conducts practice in New York. Advises people with excess weight, heart troubles and oncology.

Being based on fresh scientific researches, it in detail assorts mistakes growing thin and shares simple effective councils: how to learn to distinguish hunger from appetite, how to pass from harmful products on healthy, how to develop taste to natural food, to define the ideal weight and to calculate caloric content of a diet.

In passing short educational program: what is the fatty cage that occurs in an organism when we get fat and we grow thin, as popular diets operate from within. Plus – how psychologically to adjust itself on growing thin and again not to grow fat after a victory over superfluous kg.

To make idea of the author and her method, before buying the book, it is possible in Evgenia Kobylyatskoy’s blog on a tag “food”.

David Kessler «End to a gluttony»

If you strongly sat down on sweets, a batch, fat meat, chips and Coca-Cola and already despaired sometime to grow thin, this book will return you a self-confidence and sense of reality. David Kessler went to scientific laboratories, on plants of large food corporations and kitchen of restaurants and found out that turns us into slaves to food and why we so easily run into a gluttony.

The answer – sugar, salt and fat. These substances stimulate a brain as drug, calm and remove a stress and by that cause dependence. The self-preservation instinct against them is powerless: the more sweets we eat, the more strongly and it would be desirable more. Because of continuous bombing by food temptations at the modern person the conditioned reflex of an overeating is developed – to stop with food in time it is impossible.

Kessler offers concrete steps on disposal of food dependence and shares personal experience of growing thin.

Some more books directly, it seems, are not connected with growing thin. But they help correctly to be adjusted and stop to jam a stress.

– If overeat, because there is no bravery to change life: Osh «Bravery. The pleasure to live risking».

– If overeat, because there is no self-discipline: Ruth Benedict «Chrysanthemum and sword».

– If overeat, because there is no self-confidence, uncomfortably in public: Larry King «How to talk to everybody, when necessary and anywhere».

– If overeat, because it is boring, life seems gray and monotonous: Julia Cameron «Way of the artist».

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