Dumbbells instead of Gym?

Dumbbells instead of GymDumbbell exercises are essential in everyday physical activities for housewives and beginners: a person can build a pretty nice physical condition of their body away from gyms and one-on-one coaching.

Some advice about dumbbell exercises:

  • You can combine dumbbell exercises for your back with exercises for triceps, biceps and abs. Its also great to perform standing position dumbbell exercises for your back – doing turns, working the whole body and loading back muscles gives you maximum results. These exercises also work with hands muscles.
  • It is good to combine chest exercises with back exercises, but you should be careful working out with dumbbells, because such activity affects heart muscle. Dumbbell exercises for chest also load biceps and triceps, making them work up and down. Women  can chest-lift dumbbells weighting up to 5 kg, men – up to 12 kg.

Dumbbell exercises are a great kind of fitness! There are many different types of dumbbells. Will familiarize and get them it is possible here

Types of dumbbell exercises?

  • Dumbbell exercises for back muscles:

Training your back with dumbbells includes weight exercises. It is important not to overload your back and spine! Dumbbell exercises, though easy for anyone, can be rather dangerous when the weights are heavy.

  • Dumbbell exercises for hands muscles:

Hands muscles, just as all other muscles of your body, require constant training, but remember, that working with hands always involves chest muscles – this can affect heart function. Exercises for hands should be performed carefully, avoid harsh movements, little by little increasing number of repetitions.

  • Dumbbell exercises for chest muscles:

Training chest muscles with dumbbells loads heart muscle and delicate shoulder joints. Usually these exercises are performed in standing position with legs standing together. Lift your hands up and slowly bring them down. Another position is legs placed shoulder-width apart, hands lifted in the front.

  • Waist muscles dumbbell exercises:

Women should be careful with these exercises, as over-training this zone can cause their waist look masculine and rough. But for men these are really good! Perform slow and gentle turns, step by step increasing the weight.

  • Chest and abs muscles dumbbell exercises:

Exercises that train chest muscles include aerobic load as well as working with weights. It can be bench press, dumbbell rows or other similar exercises. Most important is to equally allocate your efforts!

  • Dumbbell exercises for hips and glutes:

This exercise is performed with one leg stepped forward, and, leaning on the front leg, lift on your tiptoes and hold for several seconds. Then return to beginning position.

Dumbbell exercises for women, which can easily be performed at home, can help decrease traditional “problem zones” – like belly or waist sides. Any good weight loss workout plan includes dumbbell exercises. Turns, swings, rows and pushes  are a great way to deal with loose skin, unevenly formed muscles (a result of ignorant gym workouts), excess fat. It is important to remember that aerobic exercises only burn fat. As to power workouts – they help build muscles, and this results in excess fat burn.

A very important part of best weight loss program is healthy nutrition. Balanced complex of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, eating poultry, fresh vegetables and fruit, presence of seafood in your menu is not just good, it is essential for your healthy, beautiful and strong body!

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