Exercise video for feet

Exercise video for feet

Exercise videos for growing thin of feet are made by a principle of interval training. Training includes power exercises for the feet, carried out at high speed without burdenings. Such mode will help to reduce volume of hips. To strengthen loading, you will carry out running on the spot in addition to usual knee-bends, ply and to assignments of feet aside.

These videos of exercise for feet need to be carried out on the timer, trying to do as much as possible movements in 40 seconds of time, it is possible to expose a signal on phone. Training is constructed by a principle of alternation of power and aerobic loading, carry out each movement within 40 seconds, then 20 seconds give to rest.

You can do exercises for feet barefoot, or in convenient sports shoes. Surely lay on a floor a rubber rug to soften shock loading. Before the beginning of occupations see video exercises for feet completely and familiarize with the description. Train regularly and carry out exercises with full amplitude.

The block 1. Knee-bend with a move standing and run

Within 40 seconds carry out knee-bend with a move standing. Rise, feet on width of pelvic stones, socks are naturally developed in the parties. Tighten a belt, execute присед to a parallel of hips with a floor, in the bottom point make a start both feet and take aside the right hip, carrying out a move. Return the right foot on a floor, again execute присед and a move, but already from the left foot. Try to move accurately, exclude body “swing” forward-back, take a hip accurately aside, without displacing it forward and back.

Have a rest 20 seconds, then within 40 seconds run on a place, supporting good intensity and without losing speed.

Block 2. An inclination forward with lifting of a foot and run

Rise directly, feet on width of shoulders. Execute an inclination forward, reach hands to a floor, at the same time deducing the right foot strictly back. Movement reminds the “swallow” familiar to all from school, but it is necessary to bend more deeply than a case parallel with a floor, and a foot to lift above. Within 40 seconds alternate inclinations to lifting of the right and left foot. Slightly bend a knee of a basic foot in each movement.

After 20 second rest carry out running on the spot within 40 seconds, work quickly.

Block 3. Pliye-pruzhina or a spring in a wide set and running on the spot

Feet on width of 1 m, socks outside. Fall in ply to a parallel of hips with a floor and spring at this level, rising and falling literally by some centimeters. Try not to displace the case forward-back, hold a backbone perpendicular to a floor. Having finished a cycle, have a rest, and execute run

Block 4. Cultivation of feet in a prone position and run

Lay down on a back, hips are perpendicular to a floor, tighten a press, reduce and plant feet with good amplitude, do not reject a hip from a perpendicular to a floor. Finish a series, as usual, running on the spot.

Carry out a complex together with power exercises for other parts of a body or separately.

Movements with weight of own body will allow to tighten muscles, to spend a few calories and to clean superfluous volume. However for a serious zhiroszhiganiye it is necessary to add trainings by longer kardiouprazhneniye, for example, with run or occupations on any kardiotrenazher, and also a rational diet.

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