Female fitness

fitness for woman

For today female fitness becoming a trend

It appeared that not less than 60 % of visitors of the modern fitness centers are women. And that the most surprising, the absolute majority from them is visited not by aerobics lessons, and a gym. First such state of affairs caused considerable surprise, but, having carefully analysed current situation, we came to a conclusion that such state of affairs is natural. First, at women the aspiration to beauty and perfection is genetically put. The increased social and economic role of women in modern society allows them to earn without thinking about a man’s half of the population, and that is characteristic, to spend own money, including for itself. Probably, the developed realities also do not suit some part of the man’s population, but the facts are the facts, they as children – companies will not stop up, and to argue here is useless. And, at last, this circle that the better the woman looks becomes isolated, the higher it self-image and self-confidence and the forces, is higher interest of people around and more chances for successful career in any field.

Observing, as women in the majority of gyms of the World train, and also what technical and methodical receptions personal trainers in the gyms, training the fair sex use, we came to very unfavourable conclusions. Practically in one of gyms the trainer’s structure does not find even elementary knowledge of features of female physiology, the technique of training and training programs differ from man’s, generally only in size of burdenings. Respectively, and productivity of such trainings is minimum.

In spite of the fact that men and women belong to the same species (on C.Darvina’s classification), between them, nevertheless, exist considerable distinctions at level of physiology, anatomy, histology, biochemistry etc. These distinctions are caused substantially by that men and women have the various mission defined by the nature. Paraphrasing a known saying that the woman is created for love, and the man for work, it is possible to tell that the main natural destination of the woman is after all mankind extension, reproduction on posterity light, and the main task of the man – all this process to provide. Let’s try to classify the most significant for training anatomo-physiological features of a female organism in shape, available to our readers and readers.


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