Green tea for weight loss

Green tea for weight lossGreen tea is rather good for weight loss. That is why this topic is often discussed among women. Does green tea make you slim? How much should you drink a day? And if you add just a couple cupcakes to it, there’s no harm, right? Let us try and give some answers to these and other questions.

Green tea for weight loss: what’s true and what’s a myth?

People used to drink green tea to lose weight back in the times of first Chinese emperors. Of course, it does not mean just drinking tea (as some people think) and rejecting any food – such diet does not help lose weight, but definitely helps find one’s way to the hospital. It is considered, that to boost weight loss, you should drink green tea (preferably without sugar) instead of any other drinks. This change alone can lead to losing up to 5 kg in 3-4 weeks. Maybe such quick weight loss is not enough for someone, but still its a pretty good result, especially because there’s no need to change eating habits!

By the way, green tea is not only a great weight loss tea, it is also really good for our health and beauty. This drink is rich in antioxidants (catechines), which slow down ageing processes in human body. At the same time green tea normalizes blood pressure, brings toxins and salts of heavy metals out, stops inflammatory processes. The drink holds some amount of caffeine, which is as good a biostimulant as coffee is, but much more delicate. Drinking green tea regularly strengthens vascular walls, improves their flexibility and conduction. But lets return to weight loss..

How does green tea work for weight loss?

Green tea helps loosing weight fast not only by speeding up one’s metabolism. It causes some other useful processes in our body, like:

  • green tea is a great soft diuretic, which means it helps bring all excessive fluid out of our body. And if you add some low-fat milk to it (no matter how strange it sounds and tastes), diuretic influence increases and you can get rid of even more fluid. Apart from weight loss effect, this also really helps with swelling legs.
  • polyphenols, which are found in green tea, improve body thermo-exchange by means of processing fat deposits. Researches show that if a person drinks 3-6 cups of green tea a day, amount of processed fat is increased by 45%.
  • another great green tea quality is its ability to lower blood sugar level, which means that you feel much less hunger, which in its turn means that you eat less and lose weight! Just drink a cup of green tea 30 minutes before eating, and it takes much less food for you to feel satisfied!

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