Growing thin by means of water

Growing thin by means of waterGrowing thin with the help of the water

 How to grow thin by means of water and whether it is possible? This way of disposal of extra kilos represents a diet based on needs of nature of an organism thanks to which it will be possible not only to return to the body symmetry but also as a bonus to receive good health. Recently the given technique became madly popular, and not only among the simple population, but also cinema and show business stars. And there is nothing strange. All of us want to look harmonous and beautiful, we want to receive compliments and to rejoice to the reflection in a mirrorevery day. But not all were by nature given fine-molded figures with a beaty waist, there are also those to whom the beauty and appeal of a figure need to be supported daily efforts: sports, and also refusal of a number of food. Naturally, such tests are suitable not for all fans is tasty to eat and have a rest. And to grow thin by means of water it is possible almost without restrictions, without changing a habitual diet.

Water is rescue

How many water you drink daily? Liter or one and a half? It is water in pure form or derivatives in the form of chemically synthesized lemonades and the aerated drinks? It is necessary to refuse aerated water in all types and to turn the view of water. Growing thin by means of water is transferred very easily and comfortably because as much as possible corresponds to all requirements of our organism and helps to restore optimum for each of us balance of liquid in an organism. Moreover, promotes organism clarification, stabilizes a blood pressure and helps to accelerate process of digestion of food.

The second notable plus of a water diet is that you should not change the habits and preferences in food, you should not refuse cake or fancy bread titbits absolutely. Generally – to eat to you the same will be possible that you ate and to a diet. Cardinal changes will concern only your consumption of liquid, in our case – water.

How many and how to drink?

Earlier you drank water only when you very much would like to satisfy thirst, and the small bottle of lemonade or a juice jar was not a row. Now water should replace to you these drinks in full. And, there is also one secret on which you earlier, probably, did not pay any attention. The drinks drunk after food intake, do not promote growing thin, and also negatively influence process of its digestion. They can provoke locks and lead to heartburn, and also fermentation of food and emergence of an unpleasant smell from a mouth. As a result, such slow assimilation of food leads to that unnecessary substances accumulate in an organism, and it automatically postpones them in the form of hated to all of us with you fatty folds.

The main principle of work of a water dietnot to drink after food intake. There is also an optimum interval which you need to sustain -not less than two hours after food intake. It will allow to be digested to food, and also will not cause so painful feeling of heartburn and weight in a stomach.Growing thin by means of water

The diet on water a principle has the very simple: for half an hour to food you drink water. Choose volume which is comfortable for you. It can be a half of a liter small bottle or steam of glasses. The water used thus helps to normalize digestion processes, and also inures to advantage to our interests in fight against extra kilos. As water in a stomach after all occupies a certain volume, and feeling of hunger which before us tormented more strongly, during such moments simply decreases. Now to feel full, the smaller portion of food, than will be already necessary to you earlier. And the metabolism thanks to availability of water in a stomach will be accelerated.

The feeling of discomfort will disappear, and you will feel that to you are given easier both physical activities, and the whole day in movement does not bring such feeling of fatigue as was earlier. There is also so-called «an ideal formula of a water diet» which helps to observe all principles and the healthy relation to the organism and thus to provide comfort sitting on a water diet. This unique ratio on mass of a body pays off. Approximately on one kg of weight it is necessary to use not less than 49 milliliters of water in day. If weight of the person of 100 kgs, in day to it not less than four liters of water are recommended to use. Certainly, the daily need of an organism for water, instead of consumption for once in this case means.

Care will not prevent

Remember that constantly to sit on a water diet too it is not too useful. The organism needs to give and rest. The full course of a diet should be calculated on a month. Thus indicators on scales will please you after the first week of process of growing thin. So, a week you can safely count on three-four lost kgs. And all this in the absence of any other restrictions in a food. If you after all cannot live without coffee or tea, you should neutralize during a diet their impact on an organism by a principle: one cup of drink – a glass of water which should be drunk later.

The most important – at a diet we use not tap water, and pure, and it is better than high quality, if it is filtered, as a last resort simply boiled. There are also restrictions on growing thin by means of water. To try to dump thus excess weight it is necessary with extra care of subjects who has diseases of kidneys or at whom heart troubles are observed. At the same time with it it is necessary to reduce amount of used salt and products, it containing, in order to avoid a liquid delay in an organism. As to products, the water diet does not give strict restrictions. But the common sense prompts what to use in large numbers animal fats (butter, fat, fat meat and so forth) and easily acquired carbohydrates is not necessary, which sweets generally concern.

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