How quickly to grow thin? 10 simple councils which do not work separately

How quickly to grow thin?

How quickly to grow thin?

Want to grow thin quickly?! «I would take parts, but it is necessary for me at once», – a spirit of any who decided to get rid of superfluous kilograms, will ideally be coordinated with Ostap Bender’s resolute motto. It is possible to sit down on a strict diet and soon enough to see desired reverse motion of an arrow of scales, but, alas, that easily cunningly, easily and will return. And it is possible to approach to growing thin it is system, and, having honest looked at the reasons which have resulted in need to change weight, at one stroke to get rid of them.

How quickly to grow thin? To break through chaos to an order!

Clever planning – mother of success, whether goes speech about career aspirations, military operation or need quickly to grow thin. Good start for the thought-over food – shopping leaf. Having carried out small cogitative and creative work on drawing up of the detailed menu for a week, you not only will save time, forces and money, but also will relieve yourself of temptation to burn out the pack of chips bought “casually”.

It would seem, on a question «How quickly to grow thin?» with the most obvious answer will begin «To cease to eat». However if, having successfully got rid of excess weight you intend to live long, and, whenever possible, happily, it is necessary to leave thoughts on starvation. Is to the person it is necessary, this biological fact cannot be changed neither in interests of beauty, nor in any others. Moreover, to grow thin, it is necessary to eat regularly – only provided that the organism will agree to leave the saved-up stocks. At a lack of a food the hormonal mechanisms preserving fatty deposits turn on. But if you eat, without passing food intakes and observing approximately equal intervals between them, the weight moves from a dead point. It is natural, provided that you made for yourselves the  balanced healthy menu excluding “empty” calories of fast food, a batch and sweets, and supervise volume of portions.

Automate the food, appointing food intakes daily at the same time and allocate for a dinner or a dinner not less than 30-40 minutes: for high-quality saturation and assimilation of food it is required to eat slowly.

How quickly to grow thin? To begin the diary of a food, movement and weight «Expensive diary! Today I met a cutlet and ate it. A cutlet not to return, but I dream, that the destiny brought together me with someone similar», – certainly, the form of submission of information in «the human document» which will allow to record process of growing thin and to watch its dynamics, remains to the discretion of growing thin. The main thing – that your records not deprived of artistry or, on the contrary, fluent marks, gave complete representation that you made (or did not make) in a day for the figure. Being fixed, obvious become both flaws, and achievements. Therefore are not lazy and be honest with itself, and also do not forget that your positive diary experience can help still to someone quickly to grow thin.

By the way, if you are not among fans of an epistolary genre, but are keen on gadgets, there is a set of modern devices and the appendices allowing in an operated mode to embody quantity of passable steps, the eaten carbohydrates and the dumped kilograms.

How quickly to grow thin? Healthy food!

It is a pity that in Hollywood still did not shoot the blockbuster «Tempted with food»: this drama would find a response in a set of hearts. The forbidden fruit is always sweet, and when hunger is on the threshold of a stomach, thought on burning out cookies pack, becomes improbably powerful. And the additional problem is  irregular food  which would be to be avoided. It is necessary to be the person with iron will to run all over all area in search of carrot sticks while chocolate bar waits in the vending machine round the corner.

This problem is solved, and it is quite simple: if you on ways growing thin quickly, do not wait emergence of a predictable problem, always have at itself healthy eat. Apple, a handful of nuts without additives (the cedar contain the pinolenovy acid, one of the best natural means for hunger suppression), notorious carrot sticks will easily wait the hour and in a desktop box, and in a bag.

A food «on an exit» becomes additional test: many restaurants as a compliment for expectation of the order bring on tables bread or snack which caloric content, at small volume, is quite often comparable to power value of the dinner. Be on the lookout and ask the waiter not to tempt you with fresh rolls. Let will better bring waters without gas.

Want to grow thin quickly? Find friends on interests!

The research which has been carried out by group of scientists from Vermont university (USA), showed that in the company of adherents, real or virtual, people lose weight quicker. The science explains this effect a number of factors: first, growing thin positively react to support and approval not indifferent (and on weight loss forums indifferent the entrance is ordered) the sorevnovatelnost mechanism, secondly, turns on in the third, presence of the growing thin friend does all process more structured, organized and allows to exchange experience. Certainly, always there is a risk to make the general mistakes, but and to correct their consequences it is necessary together, and it is much more cheerful.

How quickly to grow thin? To drink water!

Yes, the glass of freshly squeezed orange juice very opportunely since morning, and, perhaps, to refuse it there is no need. But the whole remained day take for a rule to drink only simple still water. According to some information, we receive about 300 “unrecorded” kcal daily with juice, the aerated water flavored by drinks, sweet tea and coffee. It is easy to count that in a year, thus, “runs” nearly 100 thousand superfluous calories! Besides, the sweet drinks which are especially cold, provoke strong hunger (for this reason in aerated water fast foods always serve with an ice large quantity) – thus that sweet and ice dull flavoring receptors, sugar as a part of drinks leads to sharp “splash” of a hormone of insulin that forces a body to think, as if it on the verge of starvation.

But advantage of simple water not only in it: to grow thin quickly (or not so quickly, but after all to grow thin), inevitably it is necessary to reconsider a way of life and a diet that involves both psychological, and purely physiological changes. Pure water not only helps to clear intestines of products of processing of fats and proteins, but also is necessary for creation of new healthy muscular cages. Therefore completely council, possibly, should sound so: quickly to grow thin, drink more water and less seines.

And also do not forget about the help which is ready to render if necessary quickly to grow thin food rich with liquid which number includes also the vegetables “poured” by water in itself, and every possible liquid dishes, including soups, mashed potatoes giving qualitative feeling of satiety for a long time at a minimum of calories.

How quickly to grow thin? To descend for other end of the city and to wash up something manually!

It is a pity to time for trainings or money for the subscription? Persistent manual washing, washing of a window or reduction in an acceptable type of the started shower cabin – a surprise – will help to burn about 150 kcal! Even in the most well-groomed dwelling always there are «weak places» which the hand of the person therefore the space for “therapy” always will be does not reach. And the content, visiting after you not only gave work to the body, but also made a little better space round yourself, is really invaluable.

By the way, simple walking – worthy aerobic loading for those who is not inspired by the sports hall. But be attentive – at Dyyuk’s (USA) University found out that the increase in duration of walk with standardly recommended to thirty about forty five minutes in day allows to grow thin quickly even without considerable changes in the menu. To go, according to wishes of the American experts, follows in a changeable, alternating a vigorous step to slower. Walk before food intake “will cut off” calories twice: helping to spend a power stock of a body and having reduced appetite. The last not mistake: at Glasgow University partially disproved a stereotype about «an appetite nagulivaniye», having studied behavior and feelings of group of the women passable treatment for obesity. Examinees amicably reported that 20 minutes of walking before food allowed them to feel quicker full, and medical tests showed that the accepted food was acquired better.

How quickly to grow thin? To become the princess of spices!

Chili pepper contains enzyme капсаицин which effect in grateful business of oxidation of fats is proved by a science. In addition, possesses property to counterbalance the content of sugar in blood (that gives the chance to avoid hunger flashes) and naturally approaches feeling of saturation in the course of food. If you resolved to grow thin quickly and reconsider the diet, using, as we advised, shopping leaf, add in it flakes of hot pepper or the Tabasco sauce, allowing conveniently to regulate a sharpness of food accepted for you. But do not forget that red hot pepper is not recommended to those who suffers from diseases of a gastroenteric path.

If red pepper is pertinent in salads and the second dishes, in fruit and dairy delicacies with a role of the additive urging on a metabolism useful to fast growing thin, cinnamon perfectly consults: the tart powder perfectly replaces sugar, giving to fruit salads and yogurts pleasant aroma and smack. By the way, cinnamon – the well-known means for digestion improvement. In east countries it is popular эрфа, broth from cinnamon, the employee not only natural dizhestivy, but also means for effective suppression of appetite and control of portions.

How quickly to grow thin? To sleep at night !

Many diets assume defined «hour x» after which is it is impossible. Quite often dieticians recommend to close literally kitchen on the lock, let us assume, from eight evenings to eight mornings. Well, this idea will perfectly be coordinated with idea quickly to grow thin: refusal of evening and night raids on the refrigerator “cuts off” from 100 to 300 superfluous calories every day!
Guerrilla sorties to the refrigerator are dangerous not only in itself, but also as the reason of a train of fatal consequences. «Dragging of tidbits» sharply raises sugar in blood, giving “cheap” energy. To put it at night especially there is no place, but to fall asleep the superfluous food influences ability not in the best way. Result: the constant lack of a dream leads to increase of level of a hormone of a stress of a cortisol (which as we remember, let’s to an organism spend fatty stocks), and night emissions of insulin bring to morning really to wolf hunger.

How quickly to grow thin? To ignore the fat-free products!

The fat-free food allows to grow thin quickly? Disputably! As fat is the universal carrier of human ideas of taste and a sytnost, and also natural means of preservation, in the food deprived of it, producers add podslastitel, aromatizator and starched thickeners. Only cow milk of low fat content can be considered as an exception: according to dieticians, its use really turns around smaller quantity of calories as by production of low-fat milk the initial raw materials are simply diluted with water to the demanded percent.

How then quickly to grow thin, if to use in food products of normal fat content? Watch the size of portions and composition of fats, preferring natural, nonsaturated, not changed by a hydrogenation. The general recommendation for a healthy diet – 60 гр animals and 30 гр vegetative fats in day to grow thin quickly, this indicator is necessary for cutting down for 30 % (in a stage of active growing thin). And at the same time do not forget that meat products contain not withdrawn hidden fat therefore council to choose fast slices is not inconsistent: meat without visible fatty part it not the same that industrially fat-free product.

How quickly to grow thin? To throw out “thick” clothes!

To grow thin, and it is desirable quickly, we want to look well: not only in the opinion of people around, but also in own. However nobody wakes up harmonous one fine day, even fast growing thin – process smooth, instead of spasmodic.

Why to wait for approach of “this” day if it is possible to approach it, having at the same time increased self-image and having given itself additional acceleration and motivation for growing thin? Emphasize the first, even the shiest successes, clothes audit. Ruthlessly start up on rags for the car muffled shapeless attires and change them on bright, fashionable, new. To emphasize a figure, it is at all unessential to fit it – the good cut does not demand modeling parameters. The recommendation extends including on (or «especially on») house clothes: among native carpets it is important look fresh, tightened and smartened up.

How quickly to grow thin? Doctor Oz answers!

To popular experts in a food always is what to answer a question «How to grow thin quickly?» – it is probable, because it set them more often.

The American cardiologist of a Turkish origin Mehmet Oz was quite known expert in torakalny surgery (to a thorax operation), however the true glory came to it after it appeared as the expert on health on Oprah Winfrey legendary talk show. Charm and erudition of the doctor, and also a practical orientation of his councils quickly turned Oz into the favourite of public, and in 2009 he received «in possession» own 44-minute program «Show of doctor Oz», become for Americans the real loud-hailer of information on a growing thin subject.

Doctor Oz is famous for that chooses the most topical and discussed questions for the programs. Guests of its show argue on genetically modified products, arsenic in apple juice and real advantage суперфудов. And, of course, a constant subject of show became «how quickly to grow thin».

Vigorous Mehmet Oz on pleasure to the admirers does not stint drawing up of diets of the name. «The prompt diet of doctor Oz» became one of the most known: low-calorie extremely low-carbohydrate plan of a food of which is recommended to adhere two weeks. Judging by an enthusiastic response of bloggers, quickly to grow thin, using «a prompt diet», it is possible on 5-7 kg.

That it is possible to eat to the onewho wants to grow thin quickly. Every morning after awakening drink a cup of warm water with juice of a half of a lemon, in 15 minutes – firm “oz-smuzi” for a breakfast.

To prepare dietary smuthi for a diet of fast growing thin of doctor Oz, take 2 teaspoons of a protein powder (in the original recipe the powder protein of brown rice is recommended rare while for Russia), 2 teaspoons of the seeds of flax processed in a flour, 60 гр any frozen berries, a banana half, 220 ml of unsweetened almond milk (alternative – low-fat soya). All components mix in a blender to a consistence which you prefer.

During the day

Without restrictions:

  • simple water and organic green tea without sugar and other additives;
  • vegetables with a low glikemichesky index (among them doctor Oz separately approves lentil and beans, and also green haricot), a vegetable broth with sea salt.

Strictly in the resolved volume and structure:

  • animal protein (portion 180 g any low-fat meat or fish);
  • carbohydrates (a portion of boiled brown rice at the rate of 60 гр dry grain);
  • dairy products (200 ml of live yogurt without additives, are not fatter than 2 %).

Without concrete restrictions, but it is the extremely moderate:

  • fats useful to growing thin (olive oil of the first cold extraction, avocado);
  • to have a bite (nutlets, humus, marinaded cucumbers and peppers).

That should be avoided to the one who wants to grow thin quickly:

  • products from wheat and in general carbohydrates and cereals (except for a daily portion of rice);
  • white sugar;
  • alcohol;
  • coffee;
  • dairy products (except for a glass of low-fat live yogurt);
  • the strengthened and long sports exercises (at a stage of “a prompt diet of doctor Oz”);
  • food intakes after the 8th evening and before the 8th morning.

That else it is possible to make quickly:

  • to grow thin  to add a probiotics in morning smuzi;
  • to accept multivitamins;
  • throughout all term of a diet of doctor Oz for fast growing thin ежевечерне within 20 minutes to plunge into a detoks-bath (240 гр salts of Epsom + 120 гр baking soda).

Salt of Epsom – known means in physiotherapy for a relaxation and treatment of muscles, also is used for fight against cellulitis, aging signs, inflammations. Received the name from the English town of Epsom where for the first time it was found. Today not all such salt carry from Britain – its unique structure learned to recreate in laboratories (chemically salt of Epsom represents magnesium sulfate) therefore as other trading names of this product serve Epsom salt, bitter salt and magnesia.

Describing the diet allowing quickly to grow thin, doctor Oz places emphasis that two weeks of a food in the offered style well influence food habits and if you are ready to approach to a question seriously and from now on not to give itself the eases which have led to a set of excess weight, you will manage to keep result of «a prompt diet of doctor Oz».

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