Power training for weight loss: What you need to know

Power training for weight lossWorking out on a regular basis but muscles still hide under fat? Experts explain, what are the factors that influence workouts productivity for weight loss, and declare main rules of effective training.

For successful weight loss combine strength training workouts and cardio workouts

‘Cardio is needed to lose excess weight, power training – to strengthen and build bigger muscles and expose them under the skin’ – this is the most widespread false statement, concerning weight loss workouts. Actually you need to combine both training types. ‘Unlike aerobic training, power workout boosts metabolism and makes your body burn fat even after you leave gym: energy is also used during recovery period’, – says Olga Kotchetova, fitness-manager of personal training studio in the ‘Planet Fitness’ gym-chain. Experts have noticed, that trained people, who build good muscle mass, lose weight easier and faster, than those, who are just using diets to get slimmer.

‘If you decided to get rid of excess kilos, you should do 2-3 cardio workouts and same number of power workouts a week’, – states Tatiana Borzenkova, personal trainer and group workout instructor of personal training studio in the ‘Planet Fitness’ gym-chain. You can alternate cardio and power workouts on the same day or on different days of the week. Aerobic gym workout can be replaced by swimming in the pool, jogging, bike ride or walking outdoors. ‘Don’t forget to stretch your muscles after each power workout. Stretching helps muscles to recover’, – reminds Elena Khramova, personal trainer in the “Terrasport Copernick” gym.

Wisely build a weight loss workout program

During a weight loss workout it is important to involve as many muscles as possible. A nice thorough body workout needs 8-10 basic exercises with reasonable weight: you can choose, which you prefer – whether you use free weights or workout machines. Workout should last between 40 and 60 minutes. Classic power workout exercises are: squats, lunges, dead lift, horizontal and vertical lifts, pull-ups (women use footrest), push-ups, bench press, dumbbell press, abs exercises. ‘Use medium routine – 3 sets with 6-12 repetitions in each’, – recommends Olga Kotchetova. To achieve best results and not harm yourself, consider working out with a personal trainer.

Breathe right

‘In power workouts you exhale on effort and inhale on relaxation’, – reminds Olga Kotchetova. Don’t hold your breath! It can increase blood pressure, cause dizziness or even fainting.

Choose weights according to your possibilities

It is very important to wisely choose weight load during a power workout – it will result in balanced muscle development and successful weight loss. ‘You should be able to perform 12-15 repetitions in the first set with the correct technique’, – says Elena Khramova. ‘It is good to trace your workouts in a training diary, noting weights and repetitions of each set of each exercise. And gradually increase your load’, – recommends Olga Kotchetova.


Recovery period is as important, as training itself. ‘Lack of sleep slows down any progress and can lead to overtrain syndrome’, – says Tatiana Borzenkova. Recovery means stretching right after the workout, good rest and enough sleep. ‘Losing weight is not possible without full recovery. This process goes in the night, in our sleep, when our body produces most important hormones – somatotropin and melatonin’,- says Elena Khramova.

Eat right

Of course, weight loss is strongly connected to rational nutrition. Follow main rules of weight loss eating. First, don’t train if you are hungry. Neither come to the gym right after taking food. Best is to wait 1.5 hours after eating and then start working out. During 20-30 minutes after workout is finished, eat something rich in proteins and carbs, like sour cheese, a banana and an apple, and in about 2 hours have a complete meal. Olga Kotchetova advises to avoid fast carbohydrates and prefer vegetables and protein meals. ‘Limit your fats intake and simple carbs like sugar or bakery, complex carbs should be taken for breakfast and first between-meal snack’.

These are the 6 simple rules, that makes your weight loss workout program really effective. Follow them, train and get fit!

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