The program of trainings on a velosimulator

The program of trainings on a velosimulator

Occupations on a velosimulator for growing thin will help you to reach ideal symmetry at observance of several conditions.

Right choice of intensity of trainings

If you have no velosimulator and you don’t know anything about it, then our article about velosimulator will help to make to you a right choice. For beginners (if you never went in for sports) — 4 times a week for 30 minutes. Duration of occupations — 6-8 weeks.

Intermediate course (the following step after initial) — 3-5 times a week for 45 minutes. Will allow to support the reached results and will exclude a weight set.

For prepared (if you need to get into condition after a break) — 4-6 times a week for 60 minutes. Provides demanded physical activity and stimulates building of muscular weight.

Correct preparation

Before trainings on a velosimulator for growing thin it is impossible to eat (at least 2 hours). To a dream there should be also not less than 2 hours. It is necessary to execute warm-up to prepare muscles for work.

The girl twists pedals in the fitness center. Serially lift shoulders to level of ears — 10 times. At the same time lift hands up through the parties, well reach for them — 10 times.

Lean about a wall the left hand. Right reach back and take the right foot, draw it to a buttock. The same repeat with the left hand. Execute on 5 times.
Sit down on a floor, reduce a foot, dissolve in the parties knees. Pull a foot to a groin and hold them to 15 accounts. Repeat 5 times.

Sit down on a floor, as much as possible dissolve feet. Bend forward as it is possible below to a floor and keep to 15 accounts. Repeat 5 times.
Execute 10 inclinations with an equal back and equal feet. Be late in inclined situation to 15 accounts.

Correct trainings

If the velosimulator for growing thin is used, the program of trainings for women should be repeated regularly. Receiving and result preservation depends on it. Also during occupations it is impossible to drink water, only to rinse a mouth water. If will feel dizziness or weakness, it is necessary to stop. Be not overzealous not to do much harm to itself and not to throw a velosimulator for growing thin, responses testify that in such cases it is enough to reconsider intensity of loadings only. It is possible to train with the help kardio loadings without velosimulator, it is possible to learn about kardio loadings here.

Being engaged according to the suitable program, pay attention to pulse. To its frequency should not exceed 70 % from pulse which corresponds to your age norm (to define your maximum threshold, take away from figure 220 your age and subtract 30 %). In this case you will stimulate burning of fats which and is necessary for you. Fo sure you will grow thing!

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