Seven steps for growing thin without diets

to grow thin without a dietMonth is term for which possibly be a damage for health quickly to lose weight of 3-6 kg, and also to tighten buttocks, a stomach and sides. And here tests on dumping 10 and more than a kg a month are unfortunately doomed to a failure.

“Draconian” methods after which wrinkles instantly are born are for this purpose necessary and there are problems with a stomach. The most awful, as “growing thin” after that too the short-term. So use more sparing, pleasant and checked ways better

Here seven points (conditions), are offered by way of a daily increase of the following item. Thus probably smooth, entry into a new mode in a week and then to spend on it 3 more weeks. If at you hard it turns out to transfer innovations, add each new point slightly less often – it is possible once in two days. Certainly so 2 weeks are required to join a new mode and growing thin there will be a pomedleny.


No tortures by diets will give the necessary result if the whole day to stay without movement. The human body is arranged so what to pass 6-8 km on foot in a day is a norm. Therefore it is necessary to think over, where it is possible to gather additionally not sufficing movements. Perhaps instead of the next viewing of transfer on the TV to walk in a supermarket and there in heat to walk around departments? Or as option to clean more often in the apartment, after all you too go to cleaning time! Still the option is on foot to visit, and on work in the next department not to call, and walk legs. Even when viewing favourite transfer or moving in общ.транспорте, strain muscles of a stomach, hips and buttocks. These actions do not demand separately taken away time and it is possible to receive quite good result and quickly to lose weight.


Food intake in day, it is not less. First breakfast, second breakfast, then dinner, mid-morning snack and easy dinner. As food intake occurs more often, there is no need for huge sandwiches with sausage and butter for a breakfast or a big piece of pork for a dinner. The sandwich can be reduced and made in the mornings on – more modestly without oil, after all there will be soon the second breakfast is a modest portion of porridge, either pair of bananas or yogurt. It is also possible to split up and fill with products with the low maintenance of kolariya and other food intakes. Pay the attention to various small loafs with the high maintenance of cellulose, fruit, vegetables. Orashchayte attention to labels also will be compensation: the metabolism and your weight will be accelerated will be aspires to norm.


It is not obligatory to say goodbye to cheese, oil and meat forever. The majority of products not so that and fat, you there add fat! Usual dishes example to that: a potato boiled even about addition of a slice of oil, a spoon are swept away and milk contains much less fat than a fried potato on oil. Try to fry less in general therefore as, at any frying, to a dish fats and carcinogens are added. Try to extinguish, cook, prepare more often on a grill, on pair, or at worst, to fry and bake in ware with a teflon covering, almost without oil. Following condition: pay attention, what quantity of mayonnaise you запрвляете salads, sour cream – soups, cream – coffee. It very is important at fast loss of weight.It appears that almost always it is possible to reduce this quantity without a damage of flavoring qualities! Check. Pair more of councils on fats of an animal origin. Under skin at chicken the maximum quantity of fat contains, and in the same place carcinogens and all getting “chemistry” accumulate. Therefore it is safer to prepare a bird, in advance having skinned. From meat it is better to clean surpluses of fat also. And here fat fish such as a salmon or a halibut does not harm to growing thin procedure. Fat acids (omega-3) containing in such fish, most of all to us does not get in an organism. They support vessels, and also normalize exchange process, and even promote growing thin! Here only smoked and salty fish in this plan is almost useless, it is better to buy a Siberian salmon or a salmon and to bake or prepare on pair.


About an adverse effect on figures of the sweet aerated drinks all давноpyf.n. Also units know that fruit juice in this plan it is absolutely not more useful. They are absolutely deprived of food fibers, but are with interest saturated – fructose and glucose, and generally all are filled with sugar. As a result on caloric content even freshly squeezed juice from fruit certainly it is more even than light beer! Therefore it is better to refuse them, and if it would be desirable some juice – choose vegetable. To drink coffee and tea and it is desirable without sugar or about sugar addition on a minimum. Buy different grades, drink coffee and tea freshly brewed and try to distinguish taste – and sugar then will be superfluous.


And this condition, perhaps will be, the most exigeant. In already habitual portion everyone to you, it is necessary the fourth part (25 %) to replace with low-calorie vegetables. Vegetables can be any and in any kind, excepting potatoes. A beet and carrots it is possible only without mayonnaise, is not more often than once a day. All the rest without restrictions: celery, peas, leek, cabbage, kohlrabi sheet salads. To remember it it is necessary each time accepting food. At such measures day consumption of calories is reduced by 25 %, and it approximately 500ккал, and the feeling of hunger is satisfied! And vitamins and the food fibers containing in vegetables, normalize working process of a gastroenteric path, and also at the same time improve appearance and structure of hair, skin.


Try to make so that for a dinner you had a minimum quantity of carbohydrates and fats. Ideal option – the breast of chicken baked with vegetables without skin, or cottage cheese with the minimum content of fat, a purse low-calorie fruit (a citrus, apples, pears, a kiwi) filled with yogurt. After that hormones responsible for accumulation of fat will not be allocated during a dream, and the organism will need as to be taken nothing at night energy from fatty stocks – there is no place more. Thus, remember that the complete elimination of carbohydrates from a food allowance, can work great mischief to your health.


Salt disturbs a water conclusion therefore, excepting salty products, it is possible to dump from 1 to 2кг in 2-3 days, but it not at the expense of reduction of fatty deposits, and at the expense of the collected liquid. Naturally, this water will return at once as soon as salt will start to get to food. But there are moments when it would be desirable to look effectively on an important event for you, this option is ideal. Besides, for the majority of people, so to speak in a body, the late water to clean it is necessary is the hidden puffiness which interferes with growing thin and slows down exchange process. Therefore 5-7 days for a month of unloading from salt will be useful to an organism. Take into consideration that in appearance in unsalted products – and it is some sausages, bread, cheeses – salts, (NaCl), quite a lot, they are better for using on a minimum.

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