Skipping rope

Skipping ropeThan jumps with a skipping rope are useful

Jumps with a skipping rope – one of the simplest exercises which brings huge advantage to all organism.

Jumps with a skipping rope develop endurance, strengthen serdechnososudisty and respiratory systems, develop a spring ability, help to get rid of excess weight, strengthen muscles of feet, do a figure harmonous and attractive.

As to burning of calories, occupations with a skipping rope surpass a bicycle, tennis and swimming. The average person in weight in an hour of exercises with a skipping rope spends about 70 kg to 720 kilocalories (at 120-140 jumps in a minute).

10 minutes of occupations with a skipping rope render on serdechnososudisty system the effect equal to effect, received when overcoming on a bicycle of 3 km within 6 minutes, or to 12 minutes of swimming, or I run on 2 km. Except a jump rope to be engaged similar loadings can be received with trainings on a velosimulator.

The skipping rope is the elementary training available each in any place and at any time. It is one of the best, if not the best, a method of increase of level of the physical preparation, almost not having any borders or restrictions. Not without reason the skipping rope is used in the trainings by professional boxers.

Skipping rope choice

At a choice of a skipping rope measure its length: take both handles in a hand and extend at breast level. The bottom end of a skipping rope should concern a floor. In this case its length will be optimum for your growth that is an indispensable condition of high-quality and effective trainings. In diameter the skipping rope should be not thinner 0,8 or 0,9 see.

How to learn to jump with a skipping rope

To learn to jump correctly with a skipping rope, without stumbling and without getting confused in it, it is necessary at first to learn to jump simply on a place, then it is correct, evenly to twist a skipping rope, and only after that to combine all movements in a whole.

Carry out jumps at rate of 75-80 double movements in a minute. Softly land on small pillows of fingers and try to make a start thumbs of feet. Avoid landings on all foot. Amplitude of jumps – 25 centimeters.

Then take both ends of a skipping rope in one hand and rotate it sideways from yourself at the same speed in what you jump. And after it start jumps with a skipping rope. Remember that to rotate a skipping rope it is necessary only hands.

On what system to jump

Begin with progressive interval training: within 30 seconds you jump, 30 seconds have a rest, then minute jump – minute have a rest, etc. And then define for yourself constant system on which you will be regularly engaged. To learn about system of run on a racetrack our article about racetracks will help to learn.

Training with a skipping rope from Bruce Li:

At first you jump on one foot, holding another before yourself suspended. Then you change a foot and you jump on other foot, every time changing feet with each new turn of a skipping rope. From slow speed you pass to faster, yet you will not reach very high speed. Jump through a skipping rope of 3 minutes (the round in boxing so much lasts), then have a rest one minute before you will pass to the following round. Three rounds for three minutes of this exercise are sufficient for good training. When you will learn to jump well through a skipping rope, you can refuse respites and practise continuously within 30 minutes.

Types of exercises with a skipping rope

Jumps with a skipping rope can be the most various. The simplest – two feet. Itis possible to land also serially that on one, on other foot. It is possible to jump on one foot. The skipping rope can be twisted not only forward, but also back.

To young people more prepared for physical activities we recommend to carry out and so-called double jumps at which the skipping rope is twice scrolled under feet while you make the highest jump.

Who managed this exercise, it is possible to try one more type of a jump – with a skipping rope crossing. For this purpose you should execute at first a simple jump, and then at once cross hands and jump through a skipping rope loop, having extremely grouped. This type of a jump is very useful to those,

Who aspires to grow thin, as at its performance all groups of muscles participate.

And in general, there are many different jumps, depending on what movements by feet you will carry out during a jump. So everything depends on your imagination.

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