Slim figure

Slim figure

Small cunnings of a slim figure

On the average for winter of people gathers from 2 to 5 kg. The reasons are generally covered in seasonal features of a metabolism. And still very few people is possible to pass a long train of holidays without damage to a figure. And to hear from girlfriends in the spring envious «as you grew thin!», it is necessary to resort to small to “winter blendes».

You for certain noticed that it is necessary to eat a chocolate slice as the mood improves at once. A secret in a happiness hormone –serotonin which is especially necessary in the winter and which development is started by chocolate. But besides other in it there is a lot of sugar so, improving mood, we receive superfluous simple carbohydrates which gradually pass to extra kilos. And if chocolate to you in pleasure, it is necessary to resort to small cunning. Do not refuse completely chocolate, but try to buy only bitter, with the high maintenance of cocoa, without stuffings and fillers, and eat on 2-3 slices in day. The rest of a tile replace with chocolate aromas: foam for baths, cream with a smell of chocolate or spirits with a chocolate note. Chocolate “spirit” will perfectly cope with an objective.

In fight for a slim figure

When it is cold, the organism demands continuous intake of carbohydrates. There is it because of the hormonal reorganization leading to deterioration of their assimilation. And in our understanding carbohydrates are first of all sweet and flour …

Replace rolls with dried fruits, fruit and vegetables. Drink freshly squeezed juice. Carrot in a combination to a small amount of cream will please you with carotene, and citron juice – vitamin C. Do not bite off from fruit entirely, and cut on slices, so saturation occurs quicker. While we clear and we cut fruit, subconsciousness considers that process of food intake is already begun. An excellent winter product about which very few people knows, – the Brazilian nuts. It is a fine source of selenium which helps to prevent a depression, vitamins of group B and vitamin E which are necessary for production серотонина. But remember that everything is good moderately: the portion of nuts should not exceed one tablespoon.

Earlier for the period of colds it was necessary for person to reserve to a fat for warm. On such cases the nature presented us with a weight increase in the winter. Besides, when air temperature decreases, slowed down also a metabolism. Therefore everything that is eaten, spent economically. And winter of a shower asks a chop with a potato! It is necessary to refuse high-calorie dishes and fat grades of meat. Eat instead of pork chicken or a turkey. Partially replace meat bean, rich with cellulose.

In fitness behind a slim figure

In the winter it would not be desirable to move that is also connected with metabolism delay. And it is frequent, despite occupations, volume of a waist and hips increases – the female organism accumulates fat stocks in the lower part of a body. Pass to thrice visit of a hall. Master skates and skis. Because, first, loading on air – blow on winter “additional weight”, process of a metabolism is considerably accelerated, and the gathered calories burn down quicker, and secondly, you pay special attention to muscles of feet. In general in the winter it is more preferable than load of the bottom extremities. Do not forget and about the pool, swimming perfectly burns fat thanks to what it is possible then for itself to allow a superfluous slice of chocolate. And you will kill at once two hares: will raise both a tone and mood.

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