Steam Cooking

electric pressure cookerPreparing food with the help of water steam is a really old way of cooking. Before learning to make fire our ancestors used thermal spring rocks to cook fish, roots or fruit.

Advantages of steam cooking

Processing products with steam is the healthiest way to cook, which preserves taste, flavor, form, color, useful vitamins and nutrition elements that products contain.

Steaming does not require oils or fats, so cooked food is dietary. Neither products lose any water-soluble useful substances, which disappear at boiling.

When steamed, products do not heat more than 100 degrees Celsius, and are cooked without oxygen, which makes steamed food most valuable for human nutrition. Steaming makes food amazingly juicy and useful. Also eating steamed dishes is the fastest way to lose weight.

Remember, that steaming takes less time than boiling or frying. Products for steaming should be thoroughly picked, they have to be fresh. And don’t forget, that you should take clean filtered or deep-well water. Do not use tap water!

Food cooked with the help of steam preserves its natural color and looks tasty – children love it! Some people believe, that steamed healthy food is only good for those, who have health problems – gastritis, stomach ulcer or chronic digestive problems. But the truth is that people, who take care of their health, know exactly how useful steamed food is. Today anyone can get any information they need, so many people choose healthy lifestyle, which includes clean and healthy eating.

At first steamed food seems a bit tasteless, but only at the beginning. After you forget the taste of artificial chemical seasonings and dressings, you will discover the true taste of food, cooked naturally. Steam-cooked food has numerous advantages compared to fried or boiled dishes: low calories, good digestibility, lack of harmful substances which appear when frying. Eating steamed food for a long time provides maximum useful elements for heart muscle, which improves heart function. Overall health condition becomes better and better, and it can be vividly seen through hair, nails and skin improvement. You forget about stomach pains or tympanism, your body gets renewed and is able to give maximum efforts to any task or action.

How to cook on steam?

If you are losing weight, and you made an important decision to live healthy and eat clean, you should consider purchasing an Electric Pressure Cooker. This amazing cooking device can introduce you to all the advantages of steam-cooking. There are several types of pressure cookers, they vary in size, but all have similar structure – heating element, water tank, holed food tank and tight cover.

To steam-cook, put the products (for example, vegetables, like marrows, carrots or potatoes) in the food tank, pour some water, close and turn on the timer. Device will inform you, when the food is ready.

Here is an easy and useful recipe for electric pressure cooker:

Take 200 g mushrooms, 2 tbs olive oil, 1 cup rice, 2 cloves garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Put the rice in the water tank, add necessary amount of water (see device instructions), add all other ingredients, close the cooker. Set timer according to device instructions. When the cooker timer beeps, your healthy, useful and really tasty pilau is ready!

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