How to lose quickly weight

Ways quickly to lose weight exists quite a lot. However prompt growing thin can be hazardous to health. Besides, the kgs lost thus as promptly come back, having taken with itself a two-three of friends. But if you need to lose urgently weight and you do not complain of health, try to use some methods helping quickly to lose weight.

How to grow thin quickly? Simple ways

The rigid diets intended for very fast loss of weight, are calculated on only some day. Before the beginning of a diet it is necessary to consult to the doctor since the organism not always can sustain such diet. The general for rigid diets a condition – every day it is necessary to drink 8 glasses of cold water. To drink it it is necessary to food, without sweetening and without replacing it food intake. Also surely accept multivitamins.

The jockey diet yields good result in a combination to a sauna and massage. In the first day you can eat one baked chicken, on the second – 300 g of boiled veal without fat, for the third day – from 3 to 5 cups of coffee without sugar and milk. The firm food needs to be divided for 3-5 portions, to meat it is possible to add lemon juice and greens – parsley, fennel, spinach.

Milk diet it is possible to adhere to no more than a week. This diet very rigid – is resolved 1 liter of milk a day, it is drunk on 1 glass by each 2-3 hours.

The saltless diet can be observed about two weeks. During this period all is excluded fat, sweet, semi-finished products and the finished products containing salt. Food it is necessary to prepare houses and not to salt.

Quickly SPA procedures help to weight loss. The mineral wrapping for one session cleans some centimeters from a waist and hips, reduces manifestations of cellulitis and tones up skin. The hot wrapping also promotes fast weight loss, and still – improves blood circulation, removes slags and gives to skin smoothness.

Among procedures which offer beauty salons. The session of a kolonoterapiya consists in physical washing of intestines. Procedure relieves an organism of deposits of excrements and promotes weight loss.

Quickly to lose weight it is possible and by means of a liposuction. It is a surgery allowing quickly to get rid of a large amount of fat. It is recommended to those people at whom fat accumulates in any certain area, for example, on a stomach.